1. subjected to a special process or treatment (Freq. 1)

prepared ergot


processed cheeses are easy to spread

Similar to: ↑prepared
2. freed from impurities by processing

refined sugar


refined oil


"to gild refined gold"- Shakespeare

Syn: ↑refined
Ant: ↑unrefined (for: ↑refined)
3. prepared or converted from a natural state by subjecting to a special process

processed ores

Ant: ↑unprocessed
Similar to: ↑cured, ↑vulcanized, ↑vulcanised, ↑milled, ↑polished, ↑semi-processed
See Also: ↑finished, ↑pure, ↑treated

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prōˈcessed adjective
1. Produced by a special process, eg synthetically, photomechanically, etc
2. Subjected to a certain process
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Main Entry:process

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